What is Slough Medical Clinic?  

We are a direct primary care medical office specializing in providing quality healthcare at an affordable price. Our board-certified medical team can provide primary, preventative, and urgent care services regardless of your age, sex, or insurance status. 

What is Direct Primary Care? 

Direct Primary Care (DPC) provides primary care medical services directly to consumers and companies via affordable subscription.  This new approach to healthcare minimizes the role of traditional insurance and enhances the relationship between the patient and provider.  It also decreases the cost and the paperwork of traditional medicine and increases the care and quality you deserve.   

Does Direct Primary Care satisfy the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”)? 

DPC is included in the Affordable Care Act and is considered compliant when paired with a self-insured plan, high deductible plan, catastrophic plan, or wrap around plan.  Slough Medical Clinic is not an insurance company but we are well educated on this topic and are happy to answer any questions you have. 


What do membership fees cost and cover? 

The monthly membership fee guarantees quick and easy access to a board-certified primary care provider, extended appointments to cover as many issues as needed per visit, and access to the steep discounts that were negotiated from outside companies such as lab and diagnostic facilities. 

Is Slough Medical Clinic an insurance company?  

No. Slough Medical Clinic is a team committed to caring for your healthcare needs. Typically, 80% of a person’s total healthcare can be taken care of by a primary physician like Dr. Slough.  This is why we encourage patients to also have a catastrophic insurance plan to cover the other 20% which might include ER visits, hospitalizations, specialist care, home health, hospice, labs, diagnostics, etc. 


Can I enroll my family?  

Slough Medical Clinic accepts companies, individuals, and couples including their children. Members can be removed at any time and for any reason. 

What about catastrophic medical plans? 

Catastrophic plans generally have a deductible of over $1500 per person or over $5000 per family.  These plans are designed to lower monthly premiums by creating a higher initial deductible.  This places more responsibility on the patient to manage their health care dollars.  We encourage but do not require, our members to carry one of these types of plans to cover the medical services not covered by our membership.   

What if I have Medicare? 

Medicare patients are welcome at Slough Medical Clinic.  With easier access to appointments, shorter wait times, 30-60 minute appointments, and more face-to-face time with your doctor, our office is often preferred to a traditional medical office.  Any in-office fees generated cannot be submitted directly to Medicare.  However, more expensive services such as lab, x-rays, CT Scans, MRI’s, specialist visits, and hospital care, can all be filed directly through your Medicare plan just like any other doctor’s office has done for you in the past.  


If I already have access to health insurance, can I sign up for Slough Medical Clinic? 

Yes.  Slough Medical Clinic provides services beyond the scope of most doctors’ offices. Members have easier access to appointments, round-the-clock direct access to the office via phone and e-mail, and longer consultations rather than the typical rushed office visit. 


How does Slough Medical Clinic work with traditional health insurance? 

Slough Medical Clinic is a full-service primary care medical office that is designed to work in conjunction with traditional health plans. Although Slough Medical Clinic does not accept commercial insurance plans for payment, any fees that are generated as a result of a patient visit may be partially recovered through the out-of-network provisions of the benefits plan.This does not include Medicare or Medicaid.  Also, if tests are needed such as lab or X-ray services, the insurance company will be billed directly by the provider that performs these services. Finally, medications that are prescribed will be covered under the provisions of the patient’s insurance plan as well. 


How do I pay the membership fee? 

Many options are available. Your membership can be drafted directly from your bank account. Some patients prefer to pay by cash or check. Your membership can be paid monthly, quarterly, or yearly.  We do not accept credit cards. 

Why pay the membership fee instead of just seeing a doctor that will accept insurance or Medicare payments? 

By paying the membership fee, you will avoid unexpected bills for individual services and will never have our service denied by a third party payer such as Medicare or insurance.  You are effectively hiring us to be your personal physician, advocate, and advisor.  Your visit will be unhurried and will cover all your concerns as Dr. Slough’s typical appointment lasts 30 minutes to one hour.  Basically, we are offering old-fashioned care that you expect, but don’t often get from doctors still in today’s traditional clinic. 


Does my insurance cover the membership?  No.   

However, if you have commercial insurance, we will show you how to submit a claim so that you may be reimbursed for some office services depending on your plan. Our office does not submit claims to Medicare for services provided in our office. 


Do you bill my insurance? No.  

You only pay the membership fee so that you avoid unexpected bills or individual services and will never have our services denied by insurance or Medicare. 


Why is Dr. Slough listed in my network?  

Dr. Slough is listed in many insurance networks so she can make referrals to specialists.  She also has hospital privileges which require her to be listed. 

Do I pay the membership fee on months that I do not see the doctor?  Yes.  

You will pay this fee every month, whether you see the doctor or not.  On months that you do not see the doctor, our clinic will still be coordinating care for you with entities such as pharmacies, home health and specialists as needed.  This fee will pay for unlimited visits, unlimited phone calls including after hours, on weekends, and on holidays, and all the paperwork and phone calls done on your behalf. 

How do I reach the clinic, doctor, and nurse after hours?   

Our office phone number will transfer you to a staff member even after business hours.  We do not have a typical answering service that does not know you and will never meet you 


Can you order labs, x-rays, home health, physical therapy, or referrals?  

We can still order anything that is covered by Medicare and/or your insurance including, but not limited to, medications, medical equipment, home health, hospice, labs, x-rays and scans, specialist referrals, etc. 

Who pays for labs and services not covered by membership fee?   

Additional services not covered by the membership fee are paid by either your insurance, Medicare or you.  If you are paying for them without assistance from insurance or Medicare, your labs will be at a discounted cost to you. 


Are medications covered by my membership fee?  No.

However, Dr. Slough will attempt to prescribe medications which are cost-effective, such as generic medications and/or included on your insurance or Medicare plan.