Geriatric Care:

Dr. Slough is a specialist in Internal Medicine which makes her uniquely qualified to treat mature adults over the age of 65.  She is skilled at treating challenges particular to older adults.  Slough Medical Clinic will help you and your family to understand your overall health situation, how to maintain optimum well-being and quality of life, and how to prolong independence.  Dr. Slough is skilled in following the geriatric approach to caring for older adults.


Challenges Particular to Older Adults:

  • Multiple medications for multiple conditions

  • Memory loss

  • Incontinence

  • Falls

  • Pain

  • Repeat hospitalizations

  • Decline in independence

  • Multiple specialist referrals

  • Coordination with home health

  • End of life care and hospice


Geriatric approach involves understanding the following:

  • Patient’s living situation

  • Family and caregiver relationships

  • Patient’s overall physical and mental function and changes

  • Patient’s many chronic medical illnesses

  • Patient’s many medications

  • Patient’s and family’s hopes and expectations for the future


Dr. Slough will even make house calls to patients who cannot leave their home because of chronic medical or emotional issues.  


Dr. Slough can still order anything that is covered by Medicare and/or your insurance including, but not limited to, medications, medical equipment, home health, hospice, labs, x-rays and scans, specialist referrals, etc. 

Your visit will be unhurried and will cover all your concerns as my typical appointment lasts 30 minutes to an hour.  Basically, I am offering old-fashioned care that you expect, but don’t often get, from doctors still in today’s traditional clinic.  


Slough Medical Clinic WILL NOT bill your Medicare or insurance in addition to the membership fee.